Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Konsultant Number One

My first Kid Consultant (Konsultant) Jacqueline joined the ranks of the Maldon Family Consultancy (MFC) last week.
Architect Jackie helps JSP Monkey daddy debug a webapp

If you would like to hire her then here is a summary of her resume (following the industry standard of experience exaggeration):

Roles: New Media Architect, iCommerce eGuru, Hungry Baby
Certifications: Scrum Master, Lean Wizard
Patterns: Singleton (is there any other pattern than singleton?)
  • Awesome Modeling Language (AML) 3.0, Spring 8.0, Hibernate 9.3, Oracle


Eric Lefevre said...

Hey, congrats for your baby!

So, when is she free for an interview?

Less said...