Friday, December 28, 2007

Emacs.NET coming soon?

Why is Microsoft writing a .NET version of the good 'ol UNIX text editor Emacs?

I suspect it will be not a direct clone of Emacs, but like Emacs will be a text editor that is largely written in and customized by .NET scripting languages (IronRuby, VB, etc), maybe even integrated with PowerShell.

Will it be open source?

Update: The mystery has become a little less mysterious. The editor mentioned above will be called "Intellipad". It is apparently going to be part of Microsoft's SOA offering, code named "Oslo". Another major component of Oslo is a declarative “textual modeling language” called "D", which will be based on XAML. Dunno how a modeling language like D could be based on a markup language like XAML...

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