Friday, January 12, 2007

Get cash for those gift cards

Ever get a bunch of gift cards for xmas and you can't use up all of the money on the cards before they expire? Or the card is for a store that you never shop at?

Well now you can buy, swap or sell those gift cards at or

(As an aside apparently 30% of all store xmas sales in the U.S. are gift cards. I heard before xmas that stores were not planning to have post xmas sales because they knew so many people would be getting gift cards which they had to spend within a few months. Luckily for my wallet the post-xmas sales went ahead because the xmas retail figures were not so good.)

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Creditseeker said...

I had no clue about such way to liquidate my useless credit cards… Thank you for showing me this way. I’ll try to do it right now!