Thursday, August 24, 2006

Stargate SG-1 : End of an era

I was disappointed yesterday to see the news that the sci-fi channel will be cancelling Stargate SG-1 at the end of this record-breaking 10th season. I didn't get into SG-1 until I was unemployed for a few months in the wake of the 9/11 economic downturn, when I had the chance to watch SG-1 reruns and view both the good and the bad eprisodes.

I thought the battles with the new uber-enemy the Ori were developing into some good plots, but I guess they were running out of ideas.

At least I have the Peabody-winning Battlestar Galactica to keep my sci-fi interest going. (And the derivative Stargate Atlantis if nothing else is on :))

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DLG said...

Yeah, I was very disappointed, but perhaps the show has run its course. I always liked FarScape, which SciFi cancelled as well due to low viewer ship.

Try watching Dr Who, not a bad show.