Thursday, August 10, 2006


A good summary of the new Web 2.0 craze of 'mashups':

A mashup Web site is characterized by the way in which it spreads roots across the Web, drawing upon content and functionality retrieved from data sources that lay outside of its organizational boundaries...

Programmable Web indexes a number of interesting mashups, including:

  • Stock Cloud is a tag cloud-like display of stock ticker symbols. The larger the ticker symbol the more frequent that company distributes press releases.
  • Venture Capital funding in Silicon Valley.
  • Bogozo integrates CraigsList real estate data with GoogleMaps.
  • DrinkDeal finds NYC drink specials by neighborhood and day.
  • AntennaSearch tells you where cell phone towers are, including future towers (so you can move your family away from them!).
  • Goggles is a web-based flight simulator built on top of Google Maps.

Now if only someone would create a mashup for locating hedge funds :)

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