Saturday, June 28, 2008

UK students "outsource" their IT coursework to India

Students who don't want to do their assignments have traditionally ask a friend or tried to borrow a copy from someone in previous years. Now they have another option - outsource the assignment to India! :

"A-level and university pupils are logging onto computer coding websites and farming out their work to foreign IT graduates...

The majority of these students are studying an IT-related course and about one third are from the UK.

Students contract their work to the lowest bidder, with prices ranging from £5 for simple undergraduate coursework, to £100 for postgraduate dissertations...

Lancaster and fellow City lecturer Robert Clarke are calling on the government to set up a national database of university assignments so they can be matched against contract requests on coding websites and traced back to students."


george said...

That should totally be a university course. Where the students grade was based on how well the outsource company did their project.

Typical Project - outsource a 2 week project to a provider company overseas. Your budget is 500.00 US. good luck...

They'll be staying up very late day in and out monitoring the progress of the project stressing and complaining when the requirements are misrepresented. It sure as hell will teach kids in college how to document their projects properly and how to effectively use source control, two skills that are not taught well to computer science students.

And in the end, I bet most of the students will end up doing the project themselves to ensure a good grade.


Robert Maldon said...

I guess it depends on the motivation of the student for not doing the assignment in the first place - too busy, too lazy, etc. Some don't care if they get the best grade, just as long as they pass.

Still, there should be a ranking system for how well an outsourcer does the assignment. Maybe like the comment system on Amazon - "5 stars; This dude got me a High Distinction!"