Thursday, October 18, 2007

BEA Event Server based on open source Esper project

While reading Catching up with Esper: Event Stream Processing Framework I couldn't help but notice this little gem: BEA's recently launched WebLogic Event Server is based on a modified version of the open source Esper event stream processing (ESP) and complex event processing (CEP) project.

This is a departure from the normal behavior of BEA, which is buy a product/vendor if the other vendor is small enough or license it if the other vendor is big. I can only assume that there are not that many vendors in the CEP space and that Esper is reasonably mature.

So what value add does the BEA version contain? Not much info on this, but appears to offer an entire server architecture - including deployment, admin, security, etc - for those that don't want to build their own. Interestingly this product is not based on WebLogic, but is a more light-weight stack based around an OSGi model.

The Esper API looks suspiciously like the Apama API :)

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