Sunday, May 13, 2007

Live Ink: A Revolutionary Way To Read Text Online

Scientists been examining the way human brains are wired to read blocks of text and found that the brain really struggles to read traditional blocks/paragraphs of text.

Scientific research conducted by Walker Reading Technologies, a small Minnesota startup that has been studying our ability to read for the last ten years, has concluded that the natural field of focus for our eyes is circular, so our eyes view the printed page as if we’re peering through a straw.

And a very bad-behaving straw at that, because not only do our eyes feed our brain the words we’re reading, they’re also uploading characters and words from the two sentences above and below the line we’re reading.

Every time we read block text, we’re forcing our brain to a wage a constant subconscious battle with itself to filter and discard the superfluous inputs. This mental tug of war slows reading speed and diminishes comprehension.

From this research a startup has come up with a new method formatting text for the online world which, having tried it, seems to me to be much easier and quicker to read - but (graphical artists beware) takes up more space.


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