Monday, February 12, 2007

Why Don't We Drive On The Same Side Of The Road Around The World?

This article lists the history of left and right side driving. It confirms the story I heard many years ago about the Romans - the original road builders - drove on the left side because most people are right-handed, so driving on the left allows the driver to pull out his sword and defend against an oncoming carriage. But it still seems a mystery why the US drives on the right; maybe they decided to imitate the French :)


DLG said...

The brits just want to screw with your head !!!!!!!. Thats my take any way.

Wolfie said...

dlg : You are not far from the truth but in the converse.

Driving on the right was adopted simply in defiance to the quite rational position of the British. It was as simple as that.

Is it not more sensible to keep your right (stronger) hand on the wheel?